Md Hasanur Rahman

PhD Candidate
Computer Science, University of Iowa
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I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science at University of Iowa, under the supervision of Dr. Guanpeng Li. Currently, I am in the third year of my PhD. I am also a research intern at Argonne National Laboratory, working with Dr. Sheng Di. Prior to my PhD, I spent two years (2019-2021) at Samsung Research, Bangladesh. I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (2015-2019).



Research Interests

  • HPC Fault Tolerance

  • Lossy Compression

  • Applied Machine Learning

News (More)

  • 06/2024: [Talk] Gave my MSST’24 research paper presentation.

  • 05/2024: [Talk] Gave my IPDPS’24 research paper presentation.

  • 04/2024: [Career] Passed my PhD comprehensive exam. I am now a PhD candidate.

  • 03/2024: [Paper] My paper on lossy compression is accepted at MSST 2024.

  • 12/2023: [Paper] My paper on GPU resilience, DRUTO, is accepted at IPDPS’24!

  • 04/2023: [Talk] Gave my ICDE’23 research paper presentation.

  • 04/2023: [Career] Served as a student volunteer at ICDE’23.

  • 11/2022: [Paper] My paper on lossy compression, FXRZ, is accepted at ICDE’23!

  • 09/2022: [Career] Passed my PhD qualifying exam.

  • 09/2021: [Career] Started research intern position at Argonne National Laboratory!

  • 06/2021: [Paper] My paper on fault tolerance, Peppa-X, is accepted at SC’21!

Selected Publications (Full List)

  • [MSST’24] A Generic and Efficient Framework for Estimating Lossy Compressibility of Scientific Data
    Md Hasanur Rahman, Sheng Di, Guanpeng Li, and Franck Cappello

  • [IPDPS’24] DRUTO: Upper-Bounding Silent Data Corruption Vulnerability in GPU Applications
    Md Hasanur Rahman, Sheng Di, Shengjian Guo, Xiaoyi Lu, Guanpeng Li, and Franck Cappello
    Acceptance rate: 25.0%

  • [ICDE’23] A Feature-Driven Fixed-Ratio Lossy Compression Framework for Real-World Scientific Datasets
    Md Hasanur Rahman, Sheng Di*, Kai Zhao, Robert Underwood, Guanpeng Li, and Franck Cappello
    Acceptance rate: 19.1%

  • [SC’21] PEPPA-X: finding program test inputs to bound silent data corruption vulnerability in HPC applications
    Md Hasanur Rahman, Aabid Shamji, Shengjian Guo, and Guanpeng Li*
    Received all three artifacts badges
    Acceptance rate: 23.6%